Mission Statement

The creators of The ProLine Series believe the focus of the water proofing attention should be on the exterior, not necessarily on the interior building envelope. Our philosophy is the building envelope should be constructed with gaskets, much like your car’s oil pan or your everyday garden hose.  A gasket is needed to keep liquid, water in this case, from leaking! We feel protecting the sub-wall with the proper flashing, house-wrap, etc. should act as an insurance policy at best, not the primary deterrent.

Subsequently, our efforts have been to address the following types of areas for water prevention:

  • Fiber cement butt-joints
  • Stucco expansion Joints
  • Termination point of Casing Beads
  • Reveal & Corner Profiles

We are developing systems that are designed to help eliminate these problems. In the first twelve months of inception, Innovations & Ideas, LLC introduced five separate designs intended to reduce or prevent water intrusion at critical points of the building envelope. We have teamed up with TAMLYN, a national manufacturer of building components and are aggressively working on the development of new products to bring to market.

See the line of Water Management System profiles developed for and sold by Tamlyn: HERE

We are changing the way the industry addresses the problem of water penetration and the building envelope.

Steve Preston & Greg Harrison