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The Proline Series was created by Greg Harrison and Steve Preston in response to water penetrating the building envelope in the construction industry. Greg has over 30 years in the insurance industry and Steve over 25 years in the water restoration business. Steve holds both a Certified General Contractor License and a Roofing Contractors License from the State of Florida.

Over the years we have come to realize that unlike roof systems, most exterior wall systems are not built for long term water exposure. Although built in a weather board fashion so water flows over each component, the design is flawed in that there is not proper flashing detail at junction and termination points. “Caulk it” has been the mind set for too long and, as we all know, that is a temporary solution to prevent water penetration. Just give it time and it will fail.

It’s past time for horizontal technology to go vertical! We have seen countless examples of water penetrating the building envelope causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Industry-wide, water and mold cause millions of dollars in damage annually.

That’s why we developed the ProLine Series of Flashings and teamed up with TAMLYN to introduce a better way to help prevent water intrusion with building using fiber cement siding. The ProLine Plank Flashing and ProLine Trim Flashing are specifically designed to prevent water penetration at the butt-joint and termination joints.

No more relying on caulk and housewrap as the primary defense against water intrusion. The ProLine Series of Flashing diverts water-flow eliminating the need for caulking. Now, the housewrap can be used for its original purpose, a secondary layer of protection, not the first line of defense. Our new line of water resistant products is re-inventing the way building envelopes are constructed.

A special thanks to my friends, by their short quotes:

Greg Coxon, GM Tile & Roofing: “You need to think like a raindrop to defeat it.”

Bob Koning, Contractors Institute: “You need to make things idiot-proof.”

David Swetman, SCS Contracting: “Everybody thinks I can solve all their problems with caulk.”

Miguel Gonzales, TAMLYN: “I need it smaller and more affordable.”

Thanks to all of my friends and colleagues and thank-you to you,

Steve Preston.